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As an American soldier, I was exposed to the communist environment when I visited East Berlin in 1977. As a nurse, I worked to anticipate and head off bad outcomes for my patients. Those two came together when I listened to President Obama campaign before he became president. He sounded like my East German tour guide. It could have been the same speech writer.

I asked myself why the Democratic Party would put forward a communist as a candidate. That question motivated me to read the Communist Manifesto for the first time. It motivated me to run for the U.S. House of Representatives in 2010, (not 2012 because I thought that President Obama would not be reelected), 2014, and 2016. It motivated me to put the manifesto with its major points highlighted and explained for the noncommunist on this website in 2011 and then in my book, Undermining the U.S. Constitution: How the Communist Manifesto of 1848 Blueprints the Actions of the Democratic Party and President Obama Today. (I removed the word "Today" from the end of the subtitle in 2017, after President Obama was no longer in office).

I learned that the Democratic Party has always embraced the "twins"-- socialists and communists or radical/extremist socialists. Some other names the twins go by include: liberals, progressives, leftists, environmentalists, and feminists.  Now the Democratic Party's progressives are "in bed" with the Muslim Brotherhood, and it's probably a marriage of convenience, since both believe their "like" means of lying, cheating, and stealing are justified by their "different" ends of one world government. 

Comparison of Extremist/Radical Socialists (AKA Communists) to Extremist/Radical Islamists

Followers of Radical Islamism (Islamism meaning “submission” to the Koran) and Communism (the violent “twin” of Socialism) are similar because:

1. For both their ends justifies their means.

2. Their means include cheating, lying to, stealing from, and killing others.

3. They are intolerant of others’ beliefs.

4. They do not take criticism well.

5. Their ends are to dominate everyone else including each other.

They are dissimilar because:

1. Extremist Islamists embrace their own religion while Communists/Extremist Socialists reject every religion.

Communist Manifesto of 1848
For One World Government

The Communist Manifesto is the antithesis to the United States (U.S.) Constitution. The Constitution is a prescription for building an advanced country, while the Communist Manifesto is one for bringing it down. Those who wrote the U.S. Constitution believed in the existence of a power greater than them, while the two socialists turned communists who wrote the Communist Manifesto did not.

Those authors, Karl Marx and Friedrich or Frederick Engels, neither yet 30 years old, hated the Industrial Revolution's newly forming "bourgeoisie" or middle class of white collar workers, a class that professed a belief in "their Creator" in the U.S. Declaration of Independence. These bourgeois people were acquiring the property of and independence from the upper class. In their manifesto, Marx and Engels portrayed them as slave owners who were oppressing a working class with the attributes of slaves. 

According to the manifesto, communists aim to motivate the working class or "proletariat" to destroy the middle class or "bourgeoisie." Through their unions the working class are to be urged to revolt against governments everywhere, to eliminate all property and classes, and thus end all means of oppression. A utopia would naturally materialize then, requiring no government at all. What actually results, a "Dictatorship of the Proletariat," is described by W. Cleon Skousen in The Naked Communist (1958), a history of Communism that every American should read.

Communists from the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) predicted in the 20th century that the United States of America (USA) would fall without a shot being fired. The USA now stands on a precipice of debt. The purposeful destruction of our money or "capital," which as the manifesto says is "essential" to a capitalist country, has been carefully orchestrated over time by believers in the Communist Manifesto. 

Communist Manifesto of 1992
U.N. Agenda 21
For One World Government

In 1992, the United Nations produced an "Agenda 21" (AKA Communist Manifesto of 1992) for "sustainable development." It describes sharing the wealth with developing countries at the expense and loss of the middle class in developed countries. The agenda's comprehensive plan of action is to result in global government by a small elite group. The plan is consistent with the Communist Manifesto of 1848. 
Note: President George H. W. Bush signed Agenda 21 (21 for 21st century), a legally nonbinding statement of intent and not a treaty requiring ratification by the United States Senate. President Bill Clinton signed the first executive order to implement the "soft law," and the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was established on January 1, 1994.
Now, twenty-two years later, 80% of the plan for the United States has been implemented per experts.
An outline and further description of Agenda 21 is on the Agenda 21 page. 
Links to the Agenda 21 document and websites explaining it are on the following Links page, including:
For "Understanding Sustainable Development -- Agenda 21" by Freedom Advocates: A 21 White Paper and Pamphlet. On page 14 of the Pamphlet, regarding Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs): "Over two thousand NGOs are accredited by the United Nations for the purpose of implementing Sustainable Development in America, and are given massive tax advantages. Some of these NGOs are the Nature Conservancy, the Sierra Club, the National Audubon Society, the American Planning Association, the National Teachers Association, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the U.S. Farm Bureau."

Communist Manifesto of 2015
Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

The new guideline from the United Nations for the United States Chamber of Commerce (a nongovernmental organization for the United Nations and a major donor to the political class) is now available for viewing at –Glenn Beck says its worse than Agenda 21.

The following quotation is from page 276 of W. Cleon Skousen's The Naked Communist, (Salt Lake City: Ensign Publishing Company, 1958) Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 58:14464.

Suggestions for Parents
1. Stay close to your children to make sure they are being trained to think like Washington and Lincoln, not like Marx and Lenin.
2. In providing physical needs for your family, don't forget their spiritual needs. We are in an ideological war. From a Marxist viewpoint an atheistic mind is already three-fourths conquered.

Elected Republicans who want congress to adhere to the Constitution are now calling for our help (and not just in dollars and cents), which is why I ran for office in 2014. As I wrote in my book, Undermining the U.S. Constitution:

  • Rise Up Patriots! Let the Silent Majority be Heard. . . . The Democratic Party embraced Socialists and Communists long ago. Because of "bipartisanship" many Republicans in the Grand Old Party (GOP) have been corrupted. But the Republican Party, started by people like Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln to prevent the spread of slavery, is still our natural home. (p. 79)

Link to video of Biden posted December 27, 2020 no longer available (noted Feb. 21, 2021)
Part of an article published in The Telegraph newspaper Nov. 15, 2020, about the ongoing hand recount at Macon-Bibb Board of Elections for the Nov. 3 election. Not in article that watchers were noting suspicious ballots, such as no envelope folds.
I attended this webinar and am moved to ask for your prayers here. I learned that the genocide of Uyghurs and Falun Gong by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) commenced in the 1990's. Besides being spiritual and religious, those groups live on land that the CCP wants "to turn blue." (China elsewhere has a need for water). You can pick out 9 crematoriums from the air, each positioned near a hospital for organ removal and an airport for fast shipment of harvested organs, a billion dollar industry for the CCP.  There are roughly over 100 killed on a daily basis, average age 28 years old. Before their DNA matches up with a potential recipient, they are used for slave labor. Please pray for God to stop this "cold genocide."

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